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We are a Malaysia Automotive car Accessories products Manufacturer specialize in Bodykit Ground Effcts manufactured in Polyurethane (PUR)  and  ABS products for Bodykits, Spoiler, Front Grille, Over fender, Bumper, Skirting , door panels and other automotive and non-automotive components. We specialize in bodykits customization and custom bodykit design.

With our in-house spray painting facility in Malaysia, it allow us to provide a ONE STOP CENTER for our customers which include design, development, mold making, injection till final spray painting of our products all under one roof.
From initial concept deliberations to engineering design and prototype modeling, up to final products manufacturing, we can provide the expertise and ways to come up with suitable approaches to cater to individual customer requirement. Thus, adding higher value to our products, fulfilling the desire for innovation and imagination which our customer desire.

We warmly welcome any inquiry of new development of any products, and we look forward to serving you.

vacuum machine PU-RIM Machine


Key Products & Equipments

– PU Foam ( Light Polyurthane Foam )

– PUR ( Reinforced Polyurthane )

– PFRP ( Polyurthane Fiber Reinforce plastic )

– ABS  Plastic ( Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene )

– High Pressure Plastic Injection Molding ( ABS Blow Mold ) 


Our Quality Policy

In order to demonstrate our continued commitment toward product quality, we are constantly working towards improving and redefining our competitiveness edge in terms of Quality, cost, Delivery, Engineering to bring greater benefit and cost saving to our customers.

We strongly believe that a good set of bodykits should be easy to install with aPerfect fitment and a Perfect style for every ride. Therefore we strive to Meet and exceed every customer’s requirement by providing quality product and services .

Our Vision
We believe the future belong to those who see possibilities. Those who have the passion and the drive to innovate and hold that nothing short of excellence will be able to achieve the impossible that we set for ourslves.

Our Strength
Our strength lay on the ability to be able to provide the flexibility to cater parts for customers from small, mid or high volume range development or special edition of their car models. From initial design stage until the final production stage, we are able to maintain strict compliance in our product quality control to meet customer stringent requirement.

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