Bodykit installation – What you need to know

installation of bodykit


For the perfect and best installation of the bodykit, always look for the best materials and fitment which you can find. Understanding some basic information of the various bodykit materials , characteristic and the manufacturing process of it will help you determine which is the best choice of materials for your ride.

When installating a bodykit, we would always strongly advise our customer to have the kit / ground effect installed by a qualified body paint shop or auto shop which has experience handling bumper and car body parts.

Prior to installation to the car, the installer should test fit all the parts against the car body panel on the vehicle before any sanding or surface treatment work. Not only this will help ensure that the installer know exactly where the fitment point will be, it will also avoid any issue with warrenty cos usually once the part is modified or painted, it is not returnable.

After  the paint work on the bodykit is done and ready for installation on to the car, always check that the car body is clean from any dirt as it might affect the adhesive holding of the glue or double sided tape being use.

Finally, after the installation try not to wash your car for a day or two that might affect the adhesive of the glue or the mounting tapes .

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