What is POLYURTHANE (PUR) Body kits ?

information about PUR aerodynamic car bodykits
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What is POLYURTHANE (PU) Body kits ?

There is probably no more versatile material for so many high-performance applications than polyurethane. With a molecular structure composed of four of the most common elements – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen – polyurethane has a combination of properties which are not available in any other thermoplastic material.

Some key properties of RIM and R-RIM include:

• Excellent impact strength even at low temperatures
• Minimal restrictions on part size and weight
• Unique balance of rigidity and toughness
• Ideal for in-moulded inserts
• Good chemical resistance
• Good paintability
• Low weight
PUR bodykit Features

Polyurethane is a unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. It can be manufactured in a variety of hardness, ranging from rubber band soft to bowling ball hard. Depending on the durometer, urethane can elongate (...)


Research and Development (R&D) is the essential heart of our operations in providing powerful ideas and user-friendly solutions to meet the stringent requirement and ever-changing tastes of customer in the OEM / ODM automotive industry.

Our R&D program are skewed towards finding solutions that are applicable to the real and practical situations, encompassing of the following ;Enhancement of parts design customize and development.
Reduction of material wastage thus being able to pass back saving to our customers..
Improvement of material and Mold fabrication processes.
Exploration of new technologies and processes to shorten designing and production lead time.
Understanding environmental issues pertaining to our materials.

The objectives of the R&D program include:-

Variety of New products development.
Maximize of products life cycle.
Assured quality of end products.
Shortening in development and manufacturing lead time.
Lower energy and material consumption without affecting Quality of products.

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