Frequent Asked Question (F.A.Q)

some FAQ on our products

Frequently Asked Questions ( F.A.Q )

Why is our bodykits different from others ?

Using a special resin and manufacturing technology, our ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) plastic bodykits is almost unbreakable under extreme condition of blending, throwing or even running over by car.

Our PPU ( Polypropylene Poly Urethane )kit is a special formulated plastic materials which employ both the characteristic advantages of of both PP ( Polypropylene ) and PU ( Poly Urethane ) with superior surface finishing and material hardness and strength. Unlike cheap fiber glass kits, our kits would not break and can even be repair . It will last longer than you think .


What is the advantages of installing the Bodykits ( Aerodynamic components ) ?

Not only that Aerodynamic components enhance the looks and personalize the look of your ride / car, it also create a smooth flowing look or add aggressive or elegance looking lines to the car, some time making it appear like a lowered vehicle.

Body kits also act as an important component in making the car more aerodynamic, thus increasing downward force with less drag which resulted in improvement in top speed and overall fuel consumption.

Does your kit come painted ?

All our kits come UNPAINTED , but We can handle parts painted in matt black . Please note that a slightly longer delivery time is expected if you want your parts to be painted prior to delivery.

Where can I get help on the installation and painting ?

All our kits has been pre tested and fitted before delivery. You can easily send our parts to any of the car accessories or bodywork shop which has the experience of handing body works to install our parts.

Is your bodykits require any special tool or skills to install ?

Unlike hand make fiber glass bodykits, all our ABS and PUR bodykits is casted from a mold which mean all parts is almost 100% identical and test fitted prior to production.

Parts such as spoiler are relatively easy to install and can be installed if you are comfortable using a power drill and hand tools ect. However , parts such as bodykits do require greater level of skill to install. As such, we recommend you to approach an experience car accessories or body work shop with related experience to handle the installation as some minor modification or adjustment might be required for the perfect installation job done.

DO you do customization of bodykits design ?

Yes, we do, However, since we need to develop a mold for the production, and the prototype designing can be expensive and time consuming procedures , it make better senses for parts to be developed with a certain number of quantity for customize design.

There is no kit for my car listed on your site where can I find those ?
If any of the kits for your car is not listed, please feel free to contact us via email ( ) or join our mailing list , facebook page ( ) to get latest update.

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