Research and Development (R&D) 


Research and Development (R&D) is the essential heart of our operations in providing powerful ideas and user-friendly solutions to meet the stringent requirement and ever-changing tastes of customer in the OEM / ODM automotive industry.

Our R&D program are skewed towards finding solutions that are applicable to the real and practical situations, encompassing of the following ;Enhancement of parts design customize and development.
Reduction of material wastage thus being able to pass back saving to our customers..
Improvement of material and Mold fabrication processes.
Exploration of new technologies and processes to shorten designing and production lead time.
Understanding environmental issues pertaining to our materials.

The objectives of the R&D program include:-

Variety of New products development.
Maximize of products life cycle.
Assured quality of end products.
Shortening in development and manufacturing lead time.
Lower energy and material consumption without affecting Quality of products.
More efficient and effective production processes.
Reduction in start-up cost for customers

In order to achieve these objectives, We maintains close liaisons with local and global players in the OEM and Turners automotive industry. These strong collaborations with strategic alliances and market leader enable us to keep up with the latest global trends and technologies that are available for OEM and Turners automotive parts and components.

Up-to-date DESIGN software and other CAD Programmes in products design and development are used to produce high quality engineering data for its styling, prototyping and mass production.

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